The SnuggleU is designed to help newborns stay snug and secure like they were in the womb while still sleeping in their own bed. The foam body with a moldable core allows it to be shaped to infinite shapes and sizes to suite the needs of your individual baby.

To use, place the baby in bed, then slide the SnuggleU up against baby's feet, keeping it nice and snug against her body. If you swaddle, swaddle baby before putting the SnuggleU in place.

The SnuggleU is especially helpful in cribs because the crib can be rather large for a baby. The SnuggleU keeps baby bundled up just like she was in your belly.

Do not put the SnuggleU by your infant's face.

SnuggleU Age Range
The SnuggleU is most effective for newborn baby age. So long as your baby loves to sleep snuggled up, he/she will love the SnuggleU.

The SnuggleU is most effective for infants 0-2 month old. Some will still like it from 2-3. After 3 months old, most babies will want to sleep stretched out, though some might still enjoy the comfort of the SnuggleU.

The SnuggleU is made of memory foam. It is covered in white cotton. Each SnuggleU is hand crafted by us. Items are made in a smoke free, pet free home.

As an option, you can purchase pillowcases to keep your SnuggleU clean.

Spot clean the SnuggleU only. Pillowcases are machine washable.

The SnuggleU is $25.00. You can purchase a pillowcase/SnuggleU combo for $30.00.

Plowmanators LLC is not responsible for any harm that may result from use of the SnuggleU.

3 Month old Keira modeling the SnuggleU