Review: Great for Colic and Reflux!

2 month old snuggled up in SnuggleU

This review is from Amanda of West Virginia.

When my second son was 2 weeks old he was diagnosed with Acid Reflux, or GERD, as well as Colic, and we were advised to do things like keep him upright for 30 minutes after every feeding and keep his mattress inclined.  All of this to keep him from spitting up.  The problem was, once we inclined his mattress 30 degrees as suggested, he slid down every time!  So now we had a screaming baby who never slept, spit up a lot, and we'd have to go in and check on him the rare times he was sleeping because we'd find him slid up against the crib rails.  He ended up sleeping on my husband or I on the couch more times than not, which besides being extremely unsafe was also keeping us from getting any sleep either.

Once I bought the SnuggleU everything clicked into place.  It is much sturdier and heavier than I thought, which worked perfectly to keep him in place, since he was a big baby (used it from 1-5 months and 10-18lbs!) It helped to keep him from sliding down in his crib, and combined with swaddling kept him feeling snuggled and secure in his big crib.  His sleep improved right away and continued to improve.  We were able to take the SnuggleU out at 5 months with no problems and he's still a fantastic sleeper because we were able to establish good sleeping habits from the start with the SnuggleU.  

I highly recommend this product for any newborn but especially for those who have reflux and/or colic.