SnuggleU Story

We were delighted when our second child was born, but frightened when she was placed in the NICU. She was release a few days later--happily there was nothing wrong with her!

But we were still shaken from the incident. While in the NICU, the nurses noticed she had silent reflux. That coupled with our NICU scare (and the fact that she was born following the loss of a brother due to stillbirth at 20 weeks) made us very protective of her.

Nate had an idea to help her feel safe and cozy while sleeping. He went to the craft store and rummaged through his garage to create this for his little girl. The SnuggleU was born only a few days after Kaitlyn was.

Kaitlyn was a great sleeper. I had her sleep in a bassinet in our room as well as the crib in her room. We kept the SnuggleU in the bassinet. She always slept better in the bassinet. It took until our next child was born for me to realize she slept better there because the SnuggleU was there.

When our next child was born, we pulled out the SnuggleU. We had loved it before and were sure we would love it again. McKenna slept even better than Kaitlyn did! Being a little older and a little wiser, I guess, I realized the SnuggleU had a lot to do with the great sleeping and made sure she had it in any bed. I now packed the SnuggleU with it everywhere she slept.

It was then we realized this was a product that other parents would love. So after much time in improving on the original idea, we now bring you, the SnuggleU .