User Review

Here is a review from user Laura Hadfield from Utah. 

I have seven children, but I use very few baby products. This one, though, I love. All of my babies previously have spent lots of their sleeping time with me holding them or sleeping by them for their first few months. My seventh is my first baby to sleep in his own crib because the SnuggleU makes him feel secure and holds him still so he doesn't wake himself up.

I can even incline the mattress and with the SnuggleU under him, he stays perfectly still and bundled. I wish I had this product for all of my other children!

My sister is having her first baby in a month. I usually only give money or diapers because I know they will get used. I am breaking the tradition, though, to get her a SnuggleU. Transitioning into motherhood is so much easier if your baby sleeps well, so this product is a must. I know she will love it, too!